The Aurora Shooting

My family and I live only 20 mins away from the devastation of the shooting. I can’t even begin to describe what the people went through. However there are many out there who were thinking of them.

Like Hans Zimmer who wrote the songs to the movies wrote a dedication song to the people who were involved.

And the actor, Christian Bail, that played Batman even came to visit Aurora.

Please still keep the people in your thoughts and prayers…its a long road to healing.

Taking Children Younger Than 2 to the Movies

As a parent you must remember to never take your child to the movie theatre, especially an infant. Reasons:

1. Your infant is new to the world their hearing is the best and newest at infancy.
2. Most movie theaters play the music louder than what a normal adult should be listening at.
3. Most infants do not have their ear wax yet…so there is no cushion to block the sounds.
4. Take into perspective, others who are also watching the movie. If the baby cries everyone will hear them. Kind of like the cell phone issue…don’t even get me started…sigh.

So if you want to watch a movie…either wait until its at Redbox or get a baby sitter.

Now taking an older child to the movies is fine. But I have beef with those who bring their kids to movies that has killing, blood, guts and gore…and sexuality. I mean really you expect your child to understand what is really going on? Um…no they are simple minded. Later when they get older they will think those things were ok. Which is why we have our killers, sexual offenders, etc. Yes blame it on sin; however, one learns from others. As a parent its your duty to be the leader.

Something I noticed while watching the 2012 London Olympics, a woman had an infant there…but guess what she had for that infant? Earmuffs! There’s something. Get some earmuffs that are really great at blocking sounds! And that way both you and the baby will be much better off…if you have to take your baby to the theatre. But as soon as they are able to understand the world around them, don’t take them to anything but what is specifically for them…no adult movies. Let them be children as long as possible.

Shopkicks Application

Shopkicks is awesome. This application is almost like foursquare. Only you get to earn points towards giftcards. What you do is sign up…search your favorite stores and the application tells you where you can go to earn points. Whether it’s to walk in, make a purchase, or scan barcodes. It sort of makes your shopping trip a bit more funner. Many of the items that you need to scan are things you would buy so it’s not hard at all. Also the application keeps score of each level you earn and unlocks more things for you scan. It seems really easy.

Just follow this link…and its free!

Homemade Lemonade Recipe


I just made fresh lemonade today for tomorrow’s church picnic. I used half real lemons and lemon juice. I accidentally ran out of lemons and needed more lemonade in my pitcher. Anyways this recipe I found this link and it is an awesome recipe for homemade lemonade.

Corn Epidemic

Now the reason why I am calling this post the Corn Epidemic, is because it is a plague to our nation and to our bodies. The corn industry started to boom, in the U.S. after the first Depression set in. The government established using things like corn to be use in everything we eat. It’s crazy, how much corn has changed and changed us. Corn use to be very pretty, not the yellow ugly color it is now. No, it use to be colorful, and had much more protein in them. The ones we have now have less than what we need in protein.

This movie, King Corn, goes in to a lot of detail of how much corn is really out there. And what it is doing to our bodies every time we consume it. But, it also goes through what farmers have to do to keep in the today’s world and what has happened to our everyday farmers. Have you ever stopped to think why people can’t just go out and farm and make a living off of it anymore?

Another movie to watch is Food, Inc. Which goes into detail of what we eat when we don’t go organic, and fully organic. And shows what cows (and other animals) go through everyday in the government world. It will make you sick what the government has done.

Ever since, I saw these videos, I have gone organic with everything that I can – if I can afford it. That is the only thing, one must have the pocket money to afford anything healthy anymore, which is stupid. You would think people would care that others are in need of healthy food, not just a lot of it. It is sad because everyday, people die from the germs that are produced from the way the farm industry is ran. It scares me, as a mother and wife, that I could be feeding my loved ones bad food. Especially my son, who’s body cannot retain and fight back the germs, yet. So, the next time you decide to go out to McDonald’s, just remember what is in their food…is it really that safe to take your children out to? No, I don’t think so. Stay home and get out your chef hat and start making homemade meals.

Horizon’s Milk

Since I have started working at Target, I have noticed I sell more of the Horizon’s milk than any other type that we carry. It concerns me because I cannot say anything to the customers that, hey I think your drinking bad milk. Even their Organic line, is not even organic. As my husband tells me that is why we go to Whole Foods, our local organic food store and grab the milk from there. I have done some research from a few websites, and they are pretty disturbing, to say the least.

But before anyone can just say that certain things are not organic they must understand the controversy behind it. As this article has done, one must understand what kind of milk they are wanting and what the milk does have in it on the list of ingredients.


Here are the links specifically putting down Horizon Milk, and their organic lines.


If you know someone who is drinking this milk, please inform them of what they are drinking is really not organic but just the same stuff as everything else. Corporations have taken the initiative to do the lazy work and just get the animals that can withstand horrifying conditions.  Its just like our corn epidemic. Don’t get me even started on corn. Sigh. If you want to know more about the crap we eat and why it is really important to eat organic just keep reading my posts. AND do your own research!!