Corn Epidemic

Now the reason why I am calling this post the Corn Epidemic, is because it is a plague to our nation and to our bodies. The corn industry started to boom, in the U.S. after the first Depression set in. The government established using things like corn to be use in everything we eat. It’s crazy, how much corn has changed and changed us. Corn use to be very pretty, not the yellow ugly color it is now. No, it use to be colorful, and had much more protein in them. The ones we have now have less than what we need in protein.

This movie, King Corn, goes in to a lot of detail of how much corn is really out there. And what it is doing to our bodies every time we consume it. But, it also goes through what farmers have to do to keep in the today’s world and what has happened to our everyday farmers. Have you ever stopped to think why people can’t just go out and farm and make a living off of it anymore?

Another movie to watch is Food, Inc. Which goes into detail of what we eat when we don’t go organic, and fully organic. And shows what cows (and other animals) go through everyday in the government world. It will make you sick what the government has done.

Ever since, I saw these videos, I have gone organic with everything that I can – if I can afford it. That is the only thing, one must have the pocket money to afford anything healthy anymore, which is stupid. You would think people would care that others are in need of healthy food, not just a lot of it. It is sad because everyday, people die from the germs that are produced from the way the farm industry is ran. It scares me, as a mother and wife, that I could be feeding my loved ones bad food. Especially my son, who’s body cannot retain and fight back the germs, yet. So, the next time you decide to go out to McDonald’s, just remember what is in their food…is it really that safe to take your children out to? No, I don’t think so. Stay home and get out your chef hat and start making homemade meals.


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