Horizon’s Milk

Since I have started working at Target, I have noticed I sell more of the Horizon’s milk than any other type that we carry. It concerns me because I cannot say anything to the customers that, hey I think your drinking bad milk. Even their Organic line, is not even organic. As my husband tells me that is why we go to Whole Foods, our local organic food store and grab the milk from there. I have done some research from a few websites, and they are pretty disturbing, to say the least.

But before anyone can just say that certain things are not organic they must understand the controversy behind it. As this article has done, one must understand what kind of milk they are wanting and what the milk does have in it on the list of ingredients.



Here are the links specifically putting down Horizon Milk, and their organic lines.





If you know someone who is drinking this milk, please inform them of what they are drinking is really not organic but just the same stuff as everything else. Corporations have taken the initiative to do the lazy work and just get the animals that can withstand horrifying conditions.  Its just like our corn epidemic. Don’t get me even started on corn. Sigh. If you want to know more about the crap we eat and why it is really important to eat organic just keep reading my posts. AND do your own research!!


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