Homemade Wreathe (or is it wreath)


So I did another Pinterest idea, for Christmas. My family and I went Christmas tree hunting in the mountains right after Thanksgiving, with friends from church. It was amazing and fun!! Such a beautiful area! Also we found the perfect tree for our little apartment. But we had extra branches, that we brought home so I decided to make my own wreathe. *Please excuse any grammatical errors of the wreathe vs wreath*

Items Needed:

Branches, hot glue gun, glue for the glue gun, clips, newspaper, ornaments, ribbon and a hanger for the wreathe.

First, get the hot glue gun and allow it to heat up before using. Of course lay out newspaper so that you can keep the mess in one area. Lay out the branches that you will be using, then create a circle with them, this is important so you can actually see what it is you are going for in the making. Allow the branches to create the wreath for you, because if you just make the branches do what you want, the wreath will not work out. And the wreathe will fall apart. I made a circle on my newspaper so I could keep track of the shape. With one branch at a time hot glue them together, and use the clips to hold it together until dried. It will dry within 5 mins, if not a little longer. Do this with the whole wreath. Allow it to dry all the way before decorating or hanging. Then once dry, hang it up or decor it first, then hang it.




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