Homemade Bath Bombs

So with Christmas coming around the corner I had the great idea of making bath bombs for my friends. Most of them have kids and lead stressful lives. So what better way to wind down than with a bath and something to make it feel nice. Of course I found this idea through Pinterest.


2 c baking soda

1 c citric acid

2 ts essential oil

2 ts body oil

1/2 ts colorant (optional)

spray bottle of witch hazel/water

1/2 c Epsom salts


Mix dry ingredients together, first, in a bowl. Then in a separate bowl, mix wet ingredients (except the witch hazel/water).


Combine the mixtures together, mixing everything together really nicely.



Then use your spray bottle of witch hazel/ water, and spray the mixture (5-6 sprays should do it). But make sure to use your other hand to mix it together or it will start reacting. And the way you know you have enough sprays is the mixture can stick together when mashed in your hand. Do not put too much spray in or else you will have a mixture that will double in size and will not come out correctly.


Then quickly pack mixture into a mold, and allow to dry. You can make use of any type of mold: metal, silicon  a ball. If you go the route I did, just allow it to dry in the mold.



1. Make sure the essential oil lids stay with the correct container to keep smells from mixing. Also if you do not have body oil, you can make use of 2 ts of essential oil and 2 ts of olive oil.

2. If you decide to use colorant, buy the liquid type not the gel kind.

3. Using witch hazel against water, there is truly no difference.

4. You can buy everything at a Whole Foods, King Soopers (local grocery store with a natural foods area), or Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers.


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