Crock Pot Pork Roast

This was such an easy dish to make. And allowing it to cook all day long made the roast really tender and juicy.

Ingredients :

1 Roast
1 medium onion cut in cubes
3-4 potatoes cut in cubes
3-4 carrots cut in cubes
2 garlic gloves diced
2 ts pepper and poultry seasoning
1 basil leaf
Beef boullion

First put the roast in your crock pot. You can put it in raw or you can broil it in the oven until crispy (which will make the cooking time in the crock pot less). Then add in all the ingredients, on the sides of the roast, except water and bouillon. Then add enough water, (I added the boullion to the water before hand by being it in another pot first), to at least the inches away from the top of the roast.

Cook time :

Non Crispy Roast –  6 hours on low or until roast is melting off the bone

Crispy –  3 hours on high