Homemade Pizza Crust

Makes 2 medium pies

2 pck yeast (2 tbs bulk yeast) *
2 c tepid water (90 degrees)
2 tbs sugar
4 garlic cloves crushed/ 1 ts garlic powder
1 ts Italian seasoning
1 ts dried basil
1/2 c oil (I used vegetable)
1 ts salt
5 1/2-6 c flour

*Note: unless using yeast that doesn’t need to sit in water like instant dry, just add all ingredients in bowl and mix like normal. Skipping step with allowing yeast to sit in water. Make sure water is so tepid and add sugar to water so it will dissolve. *

Chop the garlic, in smallest pieces possible. Dissolve yeast, sugar, seasoning and salts in water. Let sit a few moments. Then add garlic and oil. If using mixer slowly, med-low, add 3 cups flour to wet mix until dough leaves the sides of bowl. If not you can use your own hands, just have enough flour on hand to keep from sticking. Then add the rest of flour to mix by kneading. Allow to double in size for an hour. Punch down. Divide dough in half and roll each half out onto a floured surface or parchment paper. Transfer each crust to the cookie sheet and let rise 20 mins. Then add desired toppings. Bake 425 for 20 min or until cheese and crust is cooked.


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