Dealing with a Toddler – Jan 30

Finally got our alarm system up! Woot. Works wonders. It’s the Tattletale Pet Alarm… Pretty big but it’s very sensitive! This is good for when our son tries to ninja quietly out of his room. He still is trying ti get up at 530am, which is pretty early still, but we will get it under control soon.

Here’s the product:


Dealing with a Toddler – Jan 27

As one can see we are still having problems with our son. Sigh. He woke up this morning at 530am. Of course he’s already downstairs terrorizing the cats and in the room. I coax him to his room. He stays in it. But he decides that his bed isn’t good enough and goes to sleep or hangs out in his closet, with all of his blankets. I decided not to discipline him back to his bed and leave him be so I can get a couple more hours of sleep.

I hope as he gets older this will get easier. Him waking up in the middle of the night or really early is making this mama cranky. And pretty sleep deprived. I can’t even make it past nap time myself without falling asleep. Lol. Also have to remember, we are expecting our second one, so yeah this is pretty interesting to say the least.

My mother told me some good ideas to maybe try. To start taking naps out completely or shorten them, to try to keep him in bed for the middle of the night. Or use the time he wakes up to potty, since we are trying to potty train at the same time. Which let me tell you is going pretty slow.

Dealing with a Toddler – Month 1

These posts are mostly for parents who are going through the same things we are with a toddler. As many parents are told terrible twos can be a very trying time. With our two year old it’s been that and more. Now we never had this before with our son, it just happened. Life with our son was very easy, upto 2 1/2, we never had to invest in anything preventative (ie safety locks, etc).

For Christmas we finally got our son a big boy bed, it’s really nice and very sturdy. At first it was really easy transitioning him to this bed from a crib. We didn’t have any problems, until family came in for Christmas. Then the real fun came in. My son found a way to get out of his room by whining enough that grandma would come get him :-/. Sigh oh grandparents. So he eventually got used to her getting him up and feeding him, etc. Which was fine, but now I deal with it every morning. Lol. One of his many adventures of getting out of bed happened while family was here. For example, we decided to go out for the Hobbit movie, the second one, pretty earlu at night. We had gma watching him, it was really nice to finally get out. Family lives in different states, so getting out is always a challenge. So we of course, have a lovely evening! Once we come home, we find that he was pretty good and was sleeping. Every night begot going to bed we check on him, make sure he’s okay, etc. My husband tells out for me, and I find all over our son cepacol the cough drops. We take the two packages he got into and count everything, he managed to eat quite a few. This is scary, because they can kill a child if enough is eaten. In the end he was okay, and didn’t eat enough, I spent the night in his room sleeping next to his bed to make sure his breathing was regular. Where he got these cough drops was out of our upstairs closet, and actually climbed the shelves to get to them.

Ever since our family left, I miss their help with this little terrorist as my husband and I call him. Terrorist might be a bit harsh, but! in all seriousness he is nuts. Keep reading you will see what I’m talking about. As we finally had our son on a leash of bed times and etc; however, other things started happening. For example, our son would sneak out of his room to downstairs, earlier and earlier in the mornings. We were fed up, so we thought of how early we were getting up. We got to a point of our son was getting up at 4/430am. Ungodly hour really. Our solution, tell him that it was still “night, night”. It did with for us, until he woke up at, 7/730am. Not to bad I guess, if your a morning person, which I’m not.

Now before all of this, we did invest in a baby gate, a simple one. One of those that pressure mounted the wall by force of the locking mechanism. For a really long time it actually kept our son in his room. He didn’t climb over his gate or anything, for months upon months. He would stay in his room play with his toys, until I was ready to get out of bed which was usually 8am. I even got to take showers in the morning (this will become a luxury)! Lol. But once we got him his big boy bed, it became another story for our son and us. Because, he became used to gma getting him out of his room, he wouldn’t have any, “of staying”, in his room when she left. Sad day for the non-morning person. As I tried to reign him in about when waking up time was, it didn’t dawn on me that the 7/730 am time was is wake up time. Sometimes it’s still 6/630.

But these, mornings, were when the adventures would happen. He would “ninja” out of his room, and go downstairs and get into things. Now when I say ninja, I mean literally this kid would climb over the gate and go down without making a noise. Nuts! And I’m a pretty light sleeper. Lol. Doomed. Our son would get out our whole gallon of milk, if it’s empty enough, he would drink out of it… Sigh. If not he’d leave it out. Then he’d get out any food items he could find easily. For example, one morning he got a chair from our dining room, which is connected to our kitchen, took the chair and grabbed all our really sharp knives and was playing kitchen in the living room with eggs (uncooked and thankfully, not broken) and blueberries. Of course I hear him and find him doing these things. Lol. Cute in a way but not really… More scary. As our days went on, with trying to catch him, when he got out, is interesting. As we thought we got the nights taken care of, our son inadvertently told us nope not really. One adventure, resulted in me finding him covered in vinegar and other cleaning chemicals. He says trying to clean our carpet, which smelled of vinegar for weeks on end. Of course he is a great helper, when it comes to cleaning, but I’ve never given him chemicals. We have him a shower and I set these chemicals even higher in their closet than they were. Remember, we never had to deal with this before. After this, he didn’t stop there with getting out chemicals, not messing with them, just setting them out. As a result, I reorganized my whole house. I literally took a week or so and went through every room and took all my chemicals to a closet that had a high shelf. We even bought a plastic door thingy so he couldn’t open the door for the next time he wanted to clean. Of course, we find out he can’t break the plastic door handle easily. Sigh. So I buy a lock, one that I got from Home Depot, and will that solved that problem.

I try to put a bell on the door and gate, to try to hear him when he tried to leave his room. But he figured out how to destroy and silent those babies. Lol. Something we were wanting to do, was lock him in his room. But as there are stories out there that kids can have panicking attacks and actually can scare themselves into shock. Now if you as a parent did that, and nothing came back to bite you, woo! Lol. Finding solutions to these things are pretty hard. Especially with our son. I even tried setting my alarm for 6am and I lay in bed until he does move, if I can hear him, the times I don’t (which is when I accidentally fall back asleep) well we are in trouble with him doing things. So that didn’t work either. We had nothing, until yesterday I finally gave into wanting a motion detection system. We looked everywhere for the best deal and what would work. We found it, have yet to get it as its coming in the mail. Once we get it I’ll write more on it. To those parents who are still out have yet to deal with these things, good luck. Keep trying!