Dealing with a Toddler – Jan 27

As one can see we are still having problems with our son. Sigh. He woke up this morning at 530am. Of course he’s already downstairs terrorizing the cats and in the room. I coax him to his room. He stays in it. But he decides that his bed isn’t good enough and goes to sleep or hangs out in his closet, with all of his blankets. I decided not to discipline him back to his bed and leave him be so I can get a couple more hours of sleep.

I hope as he gets older this will get easier. Him waking up in the middle of the night or really early is making this mama cranky. And pretty sleep deprived. I can’t even make it past nap time myself without falling asleep. Lol. Also have to remember, we are expecting our second one, so yeah this is pretty interesting to say the least.

My mother told me some good ideas to maybe try. To start taking naps out completely or shorten them, to try to keep him in bed for the middle of the night. Or use the time he wakes up to potty, since we are trying to potty train at the same time. Which let me tell you is going pretty slow.


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