Dealing with a Toddler – Feb 4

Well if you have read most of my previous posts on our toddler, we have at least somewhat gotten over the sleeping in bed hurdle. The alarm is a huge help for waking me up when he wakes if to early and for nap times. So no more ninja! Woo. Lol.

Now onto our next trying trial. Our son won’t eat, or if he does it take hours upon hours, and we have to constantly coax or punish him to take a bite, usually in sick with the task of making him eat every bite. Spooning it to his mouth, counting to three etc. Whatever comes to mind before punishment. Of course he gives the best disgusting and gag reflexes imaginable. Hurtful to a mother who takes a pride in her cooking… Lol.

Here’s to hoping that we will finally get over this. I know some examples on how to try to fix these things. But when your child is to the point like mine is who won’t eat anything, even if it’s good or if your whole family is eating it along with them. The following are some examples:

1) Put cheese on anything and everything, like broccoli, eggs, vegetables, etc.
2) Make use of ketchup, usually kids go thrive the same stage of loving ketchup, so put it on anything.
3) Use their favorite foods to alternate between the “yucky” bites. So give them a bit of the “yucky” food then a bit of the whatever yummy food is. Then use that as a bribe method, of “do you want this____ (yummy food)  then you eat this first”.
4) Always make it a big deal, whether it’s by a big hurray or clapping, make them excited that they are that “yucky”  food.
5) Try not to give them their own separate food from what your eating so that they see that your also eating it along with them.
6) If it takes hours to make them ready a good enough amount that they are full, then do it with them. This could be harder once there’s more kids around, but it’s the truth, they need to see that no matter what is put in front of them they can’t be picky.
7) Always make your child finish that last bite or you will regretfully find it somewhere your not going to like. Because at this age they don’t think of the toilet or a napkin, which they will eventually once discovered. But once that time does come be careful about the toilet, it could get clogged from to much food being dumped into it. So the child will need to learn that they can’t do that.
8) Always try to think of how to make the food better, not better meaning chocolate or sugars, better meaning healthy. Honey is a good sugar, but don’t do too much. Kids get enough junk these days, that they don’t need to learn oh mommy will put chocolate on whatever I deem “yucky”. Lol no. Please don’t.
9) Put fruits in with things like yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, etc.

Take every meal one meal at a time, try to keto your patience, but also be firm. And when they get older these things will stick with them, especially once in college when picky reading is really not allowed. This will also craft non picky eaters as they grow up, so they can keep with your daily eating habits rather than their own made up ones. Because if we were to give into that pickyness, then our kids would become dreadful little snots that we don’t like. This could carry into not only eating habits but other aspects, like, the wanting a toy every shopping trip or Christmas gifts they got were not enough. Got your sake and theirs, please keep in top of them, it will pass and get better. Good luck!


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