What To Do When Your Bike Gets Stolen

So recently my husband’s $700 bike got stolen off of our back porch. Fun, right? No. We were shocked and pretty upset. Plus they had to take it from our porch which was closed with a gate. Kid toys surrounding it and everything. Sigh.

So the reason why I’m writing this is for those of you who have no idea what to do, when your bike gets stolen.

1st call your insurance company (we called it renters)

2nd call the non emergency number to the local police to put out a claim

3rd give up that your going to even find your bike and get a new one

Unfortunately, the third is a problem for many people. People who steal bikes usually sell them within 24 hours of stealing. There are a few stories out there where people have been reunited with their bikes, but it’s slim. Thinking of ways to try to deter those who steal is harder than you think. You can invest in a bike rack or storage unit, or bring it in your home… Still will have the unfortunate task of watching thieves.

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