Homemade Orange Juice

So I just bought a Black and Decker Juicer, someone bright it back to target from online abs I got it for $7. Woo what a steal. Anyways I went to go try it out, and it works really well!

I bought four medium oranges which made 16 oz of juice! Love it. Really don’t need anything else, no sugar or salt.



Signature Keurig


Keurig Signature coffee maker is awesome. My husband and I just bought it last week. We just love the tea and coffee side of it. The maker is crazy fast, it instantly makes one cup. It heats up the water and is ready to brew within two minutes. The buttons for the different types of cups are awesome.

The different types of teas and coffees you can brew are really good. So far we really like the Starbucks Breakfast Blend, Celestial Sweet Ice Tea and a few of the variety ones that came with the maker. I never been much of a coffee drinker…but this machine could get me addicted. Lol.

We also are making use of flavored syrup…to make both coffee and tea taste good.

Along with the maker came the water filter system and a my k-cup, which allowes for grinding your own coffee.

If anyone is thinking of buying one, I would most definitely recommend doing so.

Shopkicks Application

Shopkicks is awesome. This application is almost like foursquare. Only you get to earn points towards giftcards. What you do is sign up…search your favorite stores and the application tells you where you can go to earn points. Whether it’s to walk in, make a purchase, or scan barcodes. It sort of makes your shopping trip a bit more funner. Many of the items that you need to scan are things you would buy so it’s not hard at all. Also the application keeps score of each level you earn and unlocks more things for you scan. It seems really easy.

Just follow this link…and its free!